Database Programming Languages (2014)


Sokendai Ph.D Program in Software Science Field, Department of Informatics


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Course Description


This lecture overviews programming languages suitable for data-intensive processing, such as query processing of database systems, along with their theoretical background, implementations and research trends.


10/10(no class: Lecturer's trip abroad)
10/17Lecture 1: Introduction, Guidance
10/24Lecture 2: Introduction, Guidance(cont), What is DBPL?, Monoid homomorphism
10/31Lecture 3: Data constructors and full representability
11/7 Lecture 4: Value equivalence (coinductively) and its decision procedure
11/14Lecture 5: Structural recursion and its alternative semantics
11/21Lecture 6: Mutual structural recursion and tupling, Join
11/28Lecture 7: Graph transformations with regular path pattern and NFA, DFA
12/5Lecture 8: Static Typing
12/12Lecture 9: Static Typing, Graph Schema
12/19Lecture 10: Tree Schema, Tree Automata
1/9Lecture 11: Tree Schema, Tree Automata (cont.)
1/16 Lecture 12: Tree Automata (cont.)
1/23 Lecture 13: Tree Automata (cont.), Marking Tree Automata
1/30 No class due to the entrance examination of the Department of Informatics
2/6Lecture 14
2/13Lecture 15: Course Summary

References (not complete) NII OPAC NII E-journals

Other resources (not exhaustive)

Unidirectional/Bidirectional UnQL Demo page

DBPL related workshops

Researchers (Alphabetical order)


XML Database

XQuery implementations



Instructor: Soichiro Hidaka
担当: 日高 宗一郎

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